Who We Are

We envision children, young women and families in crisis to be transformed by the redemptive power of Jesus Christ and empowered to fulfil all of their God-given potential.

Our mission is to love with God’s love and to support spiritually, physically, and mentally those children, young women and families in crisis.

Through innovative practices we provide Christ-centered homes, health development programs and educational programs/support for children, young women and their families in crisis. We aim to equip and inspire them to live productive Christian lives.


The African Christian Homes and Rehabilitation Centre (ACHRC), a subsidiary of Faith African Evangelism Inc. Was founded in 1997 by a Ghanaian Reverend Kofi Boateng. The Faith African Evangelism Inc. is a Non-Denominational and Evangelistic Ministry. The aims and objectives of the ministry are to win souls for Christ. To spread the word of God. We distribute Bibles, Books and Tracks to other Churches and Ministries. We also organize crusades and revivals.

The Ministry was formed in Freetown-Sierra Leone in 1992.Here,we were involved in Rehabilitation of some displace people and some of the war combatants in Sierra-Leone. In Ghana, we saw the need for the Ministry to open happy family homes to help share the word of God with young people and their families. In 1997,we were incorporated in the republic of Ghana as African Christian Homes and Rehabilitation Center (ACHRC) to provide shelter and support for children of families in crisis transformed by the redemptive power of Jesus Christ and empowered to fulfill all of their God-given potential.These children may be homeless, abused, abandoned, neglected, or caught up in an insurmountable family conflict. Because of the emergency nature of the situations, admission procedures are streamlined so these children can be accepted almost immediately.

Our founder and director, Rev Kofi Boateng, is a licensed Psychologist with over 10 years of professional experience. Rev Kofi Boateng has pioneered and developed programs of counseling birth mothers, birth fathers, and adopting families so that everyone involved in the adoptive process knows, right from the very start, everything that is going to happen from beginning to end.The President and Founder, Reverend Kofi Boateng whilst working with children, conceived the idea of a personal relationship between a child and a sponsor – a model that puts the child at the centre, and today remains the core of what we do.

The idea that problems faced by many children can be reflected in the story of one child’s life helps people to see the human face of poverty – and, more importantly, see how they can help.Since that time, our approach to humanitarian assistance has evolved from wartime relief activities, to post-war support, to long-term community development and emergency assistance that helps children, their families and their communities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Since 1997, Africa Christian Homes and Rehabilitation Centre (ACHRC) has been working with children, families and communities, and has established a long-standing reputation of being a highly ethical, effective and committed development agency working to save and protect vulnerable children.As part of our initiatives to contribute to children development,the Africa Christian Homes and Rehabilitation Centre (ACHRC) has aquired has 23 acres of land at Tanoso near Techiman in the Brong Ahafo Region in Ghana.The idea is to build a permanent rehabilitation centre, orphanage and schools to address the needs of young people in crisis in the Tanoso/Techiman area.

The Center, in conjunction with West Africa Project to Combat AIDS has embarked on STD, HIV/AIDS awareness campaign to get the youth sensitized on the dangers of HIV/AIDS and female circumcision with emphasize on youth in secondary schools, with the theme: The Dangers of AIDS to the Youth in the 21st Century.Africa Christian Homes and Rehabilitation Centre (ACHRC) offers counseling for STD, HIV/AIDS patients and education, the counseling team visits the people living with AIDS twice a day, morning and evening as at now ACHRC has 30 AIDS orphans under its care. we lost 5 of our patients.

Our house parents are loving, christian individuals and couples who go through a rigorous screening process including criminal history background checks, fingerprinting and training. Children in our care are encouraged to maintain relationships with family and friends when possible. They have access to our professional counselors if needed, and meet their medical as well as spiritual, emotional and physical needs. We work with all involved to ensure the best possible care for every child in our ministry.

Beneficiaries are able to stay longer than at most shelters, which gives our shelter staff time to help them access appropriate support services based on their individual needs and circumstances. Referrals are accepted from individuals themselves, hospitals, community service providers, health-care practitioners, employment assistance workers and other local shelters.

Every child deserves a home,a family,and a chance in life-African Christian Homes and Rehabilitation Center (ACHRC) provides these and more…ACHRC is a non-denominational, Christ-centered children’s home and school committed to sharing the Gospel, hope, healing, and a brighter future with children from families in crisis.So many of the children in our care come to us worn down and hopeless. They come to us from unimaginable circumstances – abuse, abandonment, neglect, drug addiction, unplanned pregnancy, exploitation and difficult family situations. They often come from places of terrible darkness. Many don’t think there is a way out or that anyone cares enough to help them. What a joy it is to tell these children their future is not based on their past, but rather on the redeeming love of an awesome God!Through our programs,we are able to help children build a brighter tomorrow. We give hundreds of children the tools they need -faith, love, structure, hope – to begin building a brighter tomorrow on the foundation of Jesus Christ.